The New Kind of Guitar Feeling



Issue # 53

Fall 2022

"Pata Negra" Guitar



The recently finished 23th concert tour in important cities of US & Europe presenting Recitals, Concerts, Lectures and Master Classes, was truly a great success for Maestro Soler, widely acclaimed by critics for his ability to transform the guitar into an instrument for creating “real” music and emotion which impress the public: The New Kind of Guitar Feeling.

Maestro Soler has just published his second guitar collection:

"CANTANT EL SALTARELLO" (Singing the Saltarello), F. P. Soler
“CAPRICI ÀRAB” (Preludio), F. Tárrega
"EL NOI DE LA MARE" (Catalan Popular), F. P. Soler
"FILLA DE LES FLORS" (Flower Child), F. P. Soler
PRELUDI No.1 en DO M (BMW 846), J.S. Bach

The next publication will be his transcription of Antonio Vivaldi´s Concerto in RE M (RV 93) for guitar, strings and continuo.

Maestro Soler is also currently working on his next book:

1 st. to Eric Clapton
2 nd. to Jimi Hendrix
3 rd. to BB King
4 th. to Hank Marvin
5 th. to Jimmy Page
6 th. to Carlos Santana
7 th. to Troy Seals
8 th. to Andrés Segovia
9 th. to Narciso Yepes
10 th. to Frank Zappa

Some of his works can be found in the ESADE's Library: K 19-III-79.1 (, and all his works in the Hispanic Division of the LIBRARY OF CONGRESS, Washington, D.C.

He's coordinating these activities with the various seminaries and Master Classes which he offers in prestigious universities, music conservatories, and guitar societies, and his 24th international tour throughout Europe, Canada and United States, presenting his last works: FLOWER CHILD (Romantic song for Linda) & SINGING THE SALTARELLO (to Arcea), with his guitars:
“The Golden Polyphemus”, by Ignacio Fleta.
“The Redneck Girl”, by Estruch Luthiers.
“The Drag Queen” (1o strings guitar), by De Latorre.

His new program has special surprises, like encores in Jimi Hendrix's or James Brown's style, with his new electric guitar “A wop bop a loo bop a wop bam boom”.

Also, he has published the second edition of his last book