"He is an outstanding a very skillful guitarist, dainty in the sound and, indubitably in the mechanism" (LA VANGUARDIA, Spain ).

"His interpretations possess a great coloring which produces an extraordinary artistic feeling in the public" (LA MAÑANA, Spain ).

"Soler's hands have given us a new way to understand the guitar" (MENORCA , Spain ).

"The performer showed an interpretative style perfect for the program chosen, and his performance, pristine and precise, reached the level of a virtuoso" (IL MATTINO, Italy ).

"With his exquisite musical feeling, the brightness of his melodic sketches, the spontaneity of his harmonic sounds, and the variety of his rhythmic resources, he totally captivated the audience" (IL GAZZETTINO, Italy ).

"The program was completely convincing; Francesc de Paula Soler is a Master of the guitar" (VERS L'AVENIR, Belgium ).

"His playing is filled with feeling and expression" (EL TIEMPO LATINO, Washington , DC ).

"He is a virtuoso in the difficult skill of the string, a master of a great acoustic resources, and thus continues the great tradition of Andrés Segovia" (LA OPINION, Los Angeles, CA ).

"His personality is an important factor in bringing his natural talent out to its absolute fullest, allowing his artistic performance to approach the pinnacle" (GACETA IBEROAMERICANA, Washington, DC ).

"In his piece, he shows a perfect management of the resources of contemporary composition and Soler deployed, as a composer and performer in one person, with solidity and bravery" ("MILLENIUM", Mexico).

“Soler showed himself to be unusually sensitive to color and the rhapsodic rise and fall of the phrases”…”he played dazzling solos with his left hand on the fingerboard, unleashed a battery of right-hand percussive effects on the body of the guitar, and engaged in some creative pitch-bending on blues-tinged melodies” (“WASHINGTON POST”, Washington, DC).